A longer video in which I look at the four elements that, I think, define Donald Trump’s architecture.

I made a booklet about the movie. I will give five copies to subscribers to the One Minute Architecture blog.Please email with your address and I will post it to you.

This video is not a political endorsement, nor is it a critical architectural review. These are some personal thoughts, almost randomly copied and pasted together, bits of text, sketches. The research process showed me some interesting paths about the background of the architecture that Donald Trump bought or developed. For example, although I could not find much about Thomas E. Stanley, the obituary (linked on his Wiki page) is quite intense. Read it and you can see that success in architecture can be ephemeral.

Some notes on the process: the height of the buildings indicated in the drawings are mostly architectural heights, although sometimes they are total heights. All measurements are in meters. Do not use this book as an academic reference.

All the drawings were done by me.

And finally: don’t drink and drive.

Martin van der Linden