You are not far from the starting your MA at UCA and we thought it would be great to give you an opportunity to let you experience how is it going to be to study with us beforehand.

I’d like to invite you to an upcoming (Google Hangout on air) talk, which we have developed in order to show you the type of lectures and seminars you can experience in the School of Architecture at UCA. We will be in the current MA studio, where you will see the students working towards their final end of year projects.

For us architecture does not concern only buildings and construction details. We believe that, as architects, it is important for us to understand how people perceive and understand space at a fundamental level. Our MA this year has been based around the idea of the magician’s performance, and the current students have become expert in creating and making installations with distinctive illusionary outcomes. These have explored themes of pattern, motion and performative phenoma, which the students will be available to answer your questions about.

It is this form of innovation – and its creative expression in testing and making for real – that we are interested in helping you master during your time on the MA Architecture at UCA Canterbury.

You can pose questions before, during and after the talk, via google+, our youtube channel and UCAMATOBE blog, making it a really global event and experience.

We look forward to meeting you!