Dan Stolts and Microsoft MVP Rob McShinsky are back for part 2 of their Hyper-V Live series and in today’s episode they demo for us Live Storage Migration, Multiple Live Migrations and how to rapidly move multiple VMs at one time without interruption through Live Cluster Node Evacuations.
Guru Tip! Check out all of the Live Features in Hyper-V!.
[0:50] DEMO: Live Storage Migration.
[8:57] DEMO: Live Migration.
[18:50] DEMO: Multiple Live Migrations.
[21:16] DEMO: Cluster Node Live Evacuations / Pause After watching this video, follow these next steps: Step #1 – Download Windows Server 2012Step #2 – Download Your FREE Copy of Hyper-V Server 2012Step #3 – Start Your Free 90 Day Trial of Windows AzureIf you’re interested in learning more about the products or solutions discussed in this episode, click on any of the below links for free, in-depth information: Resources: Microsoft Virtual Academy Download Microsoft Private Cloud Evaluation Software Websites,amp; Blogs: ITProGuru.com Server and Cloud Platform Blog Private Cloud Architecture Blog VirtuallyAware.com Videos: ITProGuru vs.
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