Simon Brown lives in Jersey (the largest of the Channel Islands) and works as an independent consultant, helping teams to build better software. His client list spans over 20 countries and includes organisations ranging from small technology startups through to global household names. Simon is an award-winning speaker and the author of Software Architecture for Developers – a developer-friendly guide to software architecture, technical leadership and the balance with agility. He is sharing from his knowledge on coding the architecture blog. He still codes too.

Software architecture as code is inherently about technical leadership, stacking the odds of success in your favour and ensuring that everybody is heading in the same direction. But it’s 2015 and, with so much technology at our disposal, we’re still manually drawing software architecture diagrams in tools like Microsoft Visio. Furthermore, these diagrams often don’t reflect the implementation in code, and vice versa.

This session looks at why this happens and how to resolve the conflict between software architecture as code through the use of architecturally-evident coding styles and the representation of software architecture models as code.

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