Learn how to Quickly Build and Deploy a complete REST/JSON based Enterprise Business Application
David Intersimone “David I”, Al Mannarino, Kelver Merlotti
Thursday, March 17, 2016

This RAD Studio 10 Seattle webinar replay, “Learn how to Quickly Build and Deploy a complete REST/JSON based enterprise business application”, shows you how to build and deploy a complete, multi-tier business application using Embarcadero RAD Studio 10 Seattle Enterprise Edition.

You’ll learn how to build a multi-device desktop and mobile client application that integrates with custom endpoint business logic using Embarcadero’s Enterprise Mobility Services (EMS) and DataSnap enterprise architectures. EMS offers a comprehensive solution including REST API, remote database access, and mobile push notifications.

You will also learn how to use EMS capabilities to manage user accounts, user groups, and track application use and crash reports with EMS’s API Analytics. You’ll see how easily it is to build the server application with access to the database and business logic. You’ll learn how to design and build thin desktop and mobile client applications that connect to EMS’ industry standards based REST/JSON architecture.

Blog post for this webinar: http://embt.co/enterprise_restjson