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Entry from: Prague, Czech Republic
Entry Title: “Baroque Architecture, Vodka, dumplings and snow”


“Happy Christmas everyone! Well Prague has been about a different Christmas as you could possibly get – unless you went to a country where there was no Christmas at all. There were no pressies ( as we opened them all before we left), no family,no mango daquiries or big Christmas lunch. Instead, we celebrated Czech style by site-seeing and then retiring to several dark existensial pubs. Couldn’t help but think of sitting on a beach somewhere though.To be honest, although there were Christmas Trees and decorations galore, it really didn’t feel very Christmasy at all. Not that we aren’t thoroughly enjoying ourselves!

We knew it was going to be a great trip – were greeted at our hostel by a sign asking us not to bring prositutes back to our room , or we would have to pay a 500kr fine – note they didn’t say that you couldn’t do it, just that you would have to pay. Have also been kept happy by the numerous german hot dog stands that also sell shots of vodka, schanpps, whatever you want really.Ahhhh, Eastern Europe! What a place!

We spent the first day sightseeing, then have happily retired to the pubs and restaurants to while away our time watching snow fall – beleive me, it is incredibly hypnotic. We have eaten three massive meals every day- dumplings, meat, cream and not a vegetable in site. Couldn’t be happier. If you want any other kind of food though, the Czech Republic is NOT for you. I read in a guide book before we came that it didn’t matter if you ordered a $50 or a $5 meal, it was all the same menu and standard – boy where they right. I have never eaten so much food in my entire life – I think my poor old body is using up so much energy just trying to keep warm. Oh yeah – did I mention it is really **** cold? Like minus degree cold? Serves me right I suppose, you see so many pretty snow pictures, I didn’t stop to think how cold that would make it.

It has been snowing for the last few days – we were running around like school kids for the first couple of hours we were so excited, but are a bit more blase about it now.

However, Prague is amazingly beautiful (well, in my limited experience of European cities, anyway), although quite touristy – russian doll or god awful Crystal vase anyone? I’m sure I can find one with your name on it Danger! I would absolutely hate to see it in Summer. I think I would have quite a different view of it at that time of year.

WEll, neither of us is in a very chatty mood, so shall end it there, hopefully feeling a bit more descriptive in the next few days. I think the photos probably speak for themselves anyway. Snow photos coming soon.”
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