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*2015 Autocad Architecture Tutorial My First Project *Ignite your confidence to use Autocad Architecture with ease Step-by-step guide to use your Autocad Architecture 2015 frustration free * This book can save you expensive semesters or seminars…* This book makes you a genius architect by handling your uncertainties and questions…* This book adds to your professional skills and makes you a confident Autocad Architecture user…* Unlike other tutorials, this book begins with the basics, provides you with a detailed glossary not available anywhere else and answers all your questions you would only get answered at Autocad Workshops University tutor, author and blogger and Ceo of Attila G. Horvath guides you through a full project of planning a family house from scratch. *note! There are 2 different versions (imperial, Metric) of the e-book. This one is the Imperial version with glossary.*our Story: After the successful Autocad Architecture My First Project 2013, the new 2014 version has been published. The new book contains the practice of the previous book in 2014 context, completing the knowledge with the novelties of Autocad and Autocad Architecture 2014, presenting their usage.some Examples You Will Learn About:file Tabsgeographic Locationcommand Line Search Architecture Stylesproperty Set Definitionsdoor Enhancementsdoor Justification Enhancementxrefs Noveltiesset To Layer Zerodisplay By Layerthe “my First Project” e-book provides you with a step-by-step introduction to the world of design software, called Autocad Architecture 2014. Principally it was written for graduates, practicing architects and architecture students. It presents the structure and logic of Autocad Architecture 2014 program through the design of a two-story house planning.this user friendly, illustrated textbook includes more than 950 pictures and detailed glossary. The textbook put an emphasis on showcasing the full potential of the software. Thanks to the practical approach, the users gets more confident in using of Autocad Architecture 2014 software. Although it specifically was based on the Autocad Architecture 2014 version, it is worth to start the practice with earlier versions of Autocad because the book contains relatively few steps that could only be performed by Architecture in 2014.