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Wendy, your host, here.

For a few months now, I’ve been worrying over the fate of the Art Deco Architecture blog. I haven’t updated it since early summer, and in the year or so before that I kept experiencing gaps where I would stop updating for a month or two months or three months. I felt really bad about it, but it just didn’t seem to fit into my life anymore, timewise. And there were other reasons, as I explain in this video. Around a month ago, I started thinking about ending it, just telling everyone that it was over, no more posts. But I didn’t, because that sounded too sad and too final — and I know I would find things I wanted to share.

Anyway, I am in Memphis, Tennessee, right now for a conference. Naturally, I’ve gone out on a couple of walks to check things out and I ran into Art Deco. And took pictures. I think I captured about 10 different buildings. My brain said “You need to post these on the blog and on Instagram and on Facebook and on Twitter!”

And suddenly it occurred to me that a great solution to the blog problem would be to restrict my posting mainly to photos I have taken myself, in Atlanta or in other cities and towns I visit, in the US or abroad. I could widen it to using photos that my best friend takes what went on travels across the US; he always sends them over to me and he goes places I’ve never been. There’s some other content I could also post that doesn’t take a lot of time, like news stories I receive by email through Google Alerts.

So, rather than ending a blog, what I think I’m going to do is scale it back to my own posts, my own content, and interesting news about Art Deco. I hope that works for people!


P.S. Lots more info in the video but it’s kind of long so I thought I would do an ultimate written version as well.