Live show, Shadowrunner tour at The Masquerade m, Atlanta, GA, 5/16/16. Wasn’t going to take any video, nope, was leaving that to other people, but then there was this moment where I knew I could capture one of the transitions between quiet Apocalyptica and METAL CELLO RAWR Apocalyptica, so shoot a video I did. Came out perfect and even got the hair twirling. YASSS! Great show, hour and a half of intensity interspersed with some quieter moments so the guys could sit down and the drummer could rest. One of my fav bits was near the end when they incorporated a metal version of “Peer Gynt” as the main riff in a song, and it’s Norwegian but hey. Also: “We are from from Finland so perhaps not so smart as other bands, our country is so small and so few people, we don’t know so much of the world, but we do know these are cellos!”